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ZeroIMAGES…the real REVOLUTION in Closed Loop Marketing for all organisation-types has arrived…genuine engagement with End-Users.

Through our connection and observations globally of large businesses and other organisation types, it is our view that trends are emerging related to:

Return on Investment.

Quality, specific Outputs / Target focus

Need for genuine, highly strategic synergies between sales & marketing and operational disciplines.

The building of greater Brand Loyalty and Value, with an emphasis on longevity of brand life i.e. sustained relevance.

Growing “research” by people via the Internet and other electronic forums into their areas of interest and options available.

Proliferation of mis- or ill-informed information about organisations, products and services via “Review” sites and Blogs and people's preparedness to share information with others.

In response to these challenges and opportunities, hand in hand, we are seeing informed and strategic organisations adopt the principles and practices of Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) - the aim is to really engage with their end-user audience or client base in order to maximise the opportunities for both parties that such engagement opens up.

The challenges are to ensure not only that information outgoing is meaningful and relevant to as many of their target audience as possible, but that each client (or potential ones) has the opportunity to connect in real time with the organisation with feed-back, requests or questions and to purchase on-line (if applicable).

More than this, its clear there is a strong desire by organisations to understand where geographically their clients are and capture other key profile information from end-user interface and strategically use that information to drive synergistic sales, marketing and operational activity, as examples.


To learn more about ZeroIMAGES click here or contact Paul Creswick, Director, Sales & Marketing at +61 3 9468 3600 or email to discuss the possibilities for your organisation.

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