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Changing Landscape of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The rules, by which the Pharmaceutical game is played across the world is more or less the same but the variations are determined by the country and the culture in which the game is played. It must be noted, however, that the model of marketing Pharmaceutical products has not changed drastically over the last 3 decades.
What are the factors that are driving the need for change in the traditional Pharmaceutical model of researching and marketing of drugs?
What structural adjustments would Pharma companies be likely to make to weather the storm?…
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Sales Force Effectiveness

Sales Force Effectiveness or Excellence is about maximising the performance of the sales team. The Pharmaceutical market is like a battle field and each sales force is engaged in a “military” kind of operation to win the “war”. Winning or losing can be measured in terms of gaining or losing market share. Just like the outcome of war is not only determined by the bravery of individual soldiers but by the clever strategies and tactics planned by the High Command, the effectiveness of the Sales Force in the Pharmaceutical war also depends on combined implementation of good strategies by the marketing and sales teams.
What factors contribute to Sales Force Effectiveness?
How do we measure Sales Force Effectiveness?
What variables should be taken in to account to evaluate effectiveness?…
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Future of IT — Implications to the Pharmaceutical Industry (September, 1995)

Seventeen years ago while lecturing on Karl Marx in Bombay University I predicted that communism, as a political system will not even last my lifetime.Talking about the impact of Information Technology on the future of the Pharmaceutical industry, I am forced to make some predictions.
According to R. Buckminster Fuller, humans on this planet have two primary functions:
1) To gather Information.
2) To solve problems.
These two fundamental functions have been pivotal to the evolution of every culture…Read More

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