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Welcome to Zero Corporation

Zero Pty Ltd is an Australian company with its head office in Melbourne. We specialise in developing, marketing and supporting customised CRM and Analytics solutions for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Bio-technology Industries.

PRISMS, our CRM solution is a fully integrated sales force effectiveness and marketing tool used by Pharmaceutical companies in over 30 countries.

Zero Corporation also has in-depth knowledge of the Life Sciences industry and are credited with the launch of innovative software like PRISMS, IMAGES, Envisage and Sage.

Established in 1990, Zero Corporation is one of few CRM and Analytics software companies focused on the development of systems for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries.

Our software is both HIPAA and CRF 21 Part 11 compliant, and we work closely with our clients, sharing technology and best practices to ensure positive outcomes.

Strategic Transaction Inc, Canada.

As of September, 2015, Zero Corporation, Australia, and Strategic Transactions Inc., Canada have agreed to create a joint marketing group to commercialise their respective products. Under this agreement Zero Corporation will promote Strategic Transition products like Word Q, Word Q Pro, Speak Q, and Thought Q in the countries of South East Asia, South Asia and Australia. STI will promote Zero Corporation products: Prisms and IMAGES in the countries of North and South America and Europe.

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Client Testimonials

Thanks… I am extremely appreciative of the work you’ve done producing these reports. I also appreciate your consistent efforts in delivery of all the tasks that we request from you

- SFA Co-ordinator

Training was very informative and interactive. Very useful, and enough time was spent on answering questions. Utilise, material to maximum extent. Will definitely endeavour to use all of these tools, since it seems to be the key for achieving success

- Key Account Specialist

Training was most enjoyable. It was well paced and considering it 'could' be a dry subject, was interactive as well as informative and fun

- Medical Representative

PRISMS will be a big help in getting important information from the field in developing marketing plan/strategy - I could do market research nationwide in a matter of days, get direct feedback from the sales force, communicate pertinent information to the whole team easily and could address concerns of the PMRs & MDs right away

- Marketing Manager